Bonus Tracks: Raiders of the Lost Ark

In Bonus Tracks, Major Spoilers staff members sit down to provide their own unique commentary tracks to movies you know and love.


Raiders of the Lost Ark (later marketed as Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) is a 1981 American fantasy-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by George Lucas, and starring Harrison Ford. It is the first (by internal chronology, the second) installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. It pits Indiana Jones (Ford) against a group of Nazis who are searching for the Ark of the Covenant which Adolf Hitler believes will make their army invincible. The film co-stars Karen Allen as Indiana's former lover, Marion Ravenwood; Paul Freeman as Indiana's nemesis, French archaeologist René Belloq; John Rhys-Davies as Indiana's sidekick, Sallah; Ronald Lacey as Gestapo agent Arnold Toht; and Denholm Elliott as Indiana's colleague, Marcus Brody.

Download the file here! (66.5mb .zip file)

Critical Hit Doodles: Drunk Orem

For whatever reason, the thought of Orem Rivendorn getting drunk is just too good to pass up (Note: He actually did in Critical Hit #15: Arrival at Diamond Throne), which means I simply had to ask Adrianna to whip up her interpretation of the drunk Eladrin.