What is Phase 2?

The original goal with the Major Spoilers Funding Goat and the Major Spoilers VIP site was to reach a certain number of subscribers to ensure the sites and podcasts continued without interruption.

Finally Friday

500 VIPS

It’s Finally Friday! Join Major Spoilers EIC, Stephen Schleicher as he kicks back, enjoys a drink and talks with YOU about the week that was.


Early Critical Hit Release

1,500 VIPS

Want to hear Critical Hit a month before it arrives on iTunes?
When we reach this level, you’ll get access to the show before anyone else!


New Game Based Podcast

3,000 VIPS

We have more games than we know what to do with, and we want to share those adventures with you. Reach this goal, and it will happen!


Audio Drama Podcast

6,000 VIPS

We are working on an audio drama series that will blow your mind.  


When will Phase 2 launch?  That depends on how quickly we reach our goal!