What’s next on Munchkin Land?

It's been a while since we've talked Munchkin Land. Those of you who are Gold Member VIPs, were able to get a sneak peek of upcoming Munchkin Land episodes during a Major Spoilers VIP Gold Member Live Chat a month or so ago (another perk of being a Gold VIP Member). Silver Member, Rolina asked if we could share that same information with everyone, and the answer is of course, "Yes!"

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Kate Warne, the first female private detective

Fictional detectives like Nancy Drew, Susan Hopley, and Miss Marple have thrilled readers for decades, but real-life female detectives have been around for hundreds of years, and are not simply something that popped up in 20th century fiction. In the United States, Kate Warne is noted as the first female detective, who was instrumental in uncovering a plot to kill President Lincoln.

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BTS: Recording 2016 Copyright

It's that time again... time for Mason to record the 2016 copyright for all of the podcasts.


I went through the archives and found his 2012 copyright tag, as well as SkrullBryan's 2009 and 2010 copyrights. I haven't found the 2011 copyright tag... I'm thinking of adding all the tags to the end of next week's shows.