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September 7, 2016

Binaural Audio Test #1

Here’s a bit of freakiness for you. I have long been fascinated with binaural audio, as it allows for super precise recording of sound in an environment. It’s much more different than stereo mixing as it ends up making you feel like you are really IN the place where the sound was recorded.

Unfortunately, binaural microphones were terribly expensive, often costing thousands upon thousands of dollars. The included special microphones, and a dummy’s head where the microphones were housed that created the curve, and structure of sound moving around a real person.

Last week I discovered a super cheap pair of binaural microphones that you actually place in your own ears! It sounds totally weird (and it is), but is is no different than wearing a pair of earbuds. I didn’t think they would work, but let me tell you, they work perfectly!

I went outside about 10 minutes ago to record the sound of a thunderstorm and rain passing through the area, and I want to share this test with you. Make sure you are wearing a pair of headphones ( anyone?), and for best results, close your eyes.

The results are amazing!*

This is nothing more than a super geeky test on my part, but then again, you know we love super geeky at Major Spoilers.


*I live close to the Interstate (about half mile away), but at night the sounds of the trucks on the highway are really louder than I thought. Fortunately, we rarely hear any of that when we are inside the house.




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  1. WitchRolina

    Whoa, you’re right – that is kinda crazy. Quite a bit different than what I’m used to with stereo. I hope this trend catches on and becomes more standard. ^-^

  2. stellarleader

    Thunder and rain sounds relax me so I loved this. It sounds incredible!

  3. salinmooch

    Very cool! I live in the Wasatch mountains in Utah and it typically it doesn’t rain from May through Sept. , so this was a nice treat.

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