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October 16, 2014

Munchkin Critical Hit is here!

Listeners of the Munchkin Land podcast know that we commissioned an artist to create cards for a Critical Hit themed Munchkin expansion set based on YOUR suggestions. We’re done, the sheets are formatted, and waiting for you to download them and play.

NOTE: It’s taken us quite a while to get these together, so we are throwing in two additional cards! A 17 card expansion set! WOOT!

There are two sets of cards depending on how you plan on using them in your game play. The first set includes borders so it makes it easy to cut out (hint, cut inside the border and glue to your card). The other set has no background or borders for those who are going to print the cards on clear sticker sheet.

Thanks to Alex Diochon for the EXCELLENT WORK on these cards. Alex has been sketching Critical Hit art for several years now, and he was the first person we thought of when we were talking about these cards. You can check out his art work at his DeviantArt page.

Download the cards (with borders) here! (9.4mb .zip file)

Download the the cards (without borders) here! (8.9mb .zip file)



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  1. BigJim

    OMG – I love it…. Great work Everyone!

  2. Russell Catt

    Really good stuff. My team high five made it in!

  3. Malone_hasco

    Downloading now!

  4. Jeremy McVay

    Oh my God, the Making Do card, I can’t breath

  5. Daniel Berg

    Okay silly question though on the “Making do card” shouldn’t that be on a roll of 4 or higher to account for Zachs sack?

  6. Mike Krug

    They used my Lizard Monkey idea! and they drew it perfectly! Awesome!

  7. TimeLadyWithAWand

    These are amazing!!! I need to add these to my deck and make my friends listen to the podcast so I won’t have to explain the references! I can’t wait to play with them!

  8. Xander

    Lunar Dargon, Dayum!

  9. Richard Hetrick

    More of these cards are needed! Awesome

  10. Anthony Aguilar

    I am just getting caught up with munchkin land, and these cards are amazing! haha. I love the art, especially fey step lol. So graceful…..

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